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Facial feminisation surgery is a series of plastic surgery procedures that attempt to soften the facial features of those patients seeking transgender change from male to female. It involves a series of procedures which include hairline advancement, forehead contouring, browlift, facelift, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, lip lift, lip augmentation, chin and jawline reshaping, and shaving of the Adam’s Apple.

Hairline Advancement

The female anterior hairline sits at a more anterior position compared to that in the male. Using a series of plastic surgery techniques, the anterior hairline can be both advanced and lowered, resulting in a shorter forehead. In some patients, hair transplantation may be an alternative

Forehead Contouring Surgery (Foreheadplasty)

The forehead position in the male slopes posteriorly, is longer and more prominent. By contouring the forehead using recognised plastic surgery techniques, the forehead can be made smoother and made to lie slightly anteriorly. The prominent brow ridge can also be altered, allowing for a more feminine appearance which also makes the eyes appear bigger and more attractive


In the female, the brow lies in a more superior position compared to the male, with the highest point being the junction between the middle and lateral thirds of the brow. By elevating the brow, a more feminine appearance is achieved


A facelift attempts at elevating the soft tissues of the face and placing them in a natural position, allowing for a youthful appearance. Several techniques of facelifts are available, and the method used is tailored to the needs of the patient


Rhinoplasty surgery refines the appearance of the nose, making it more attractive. In the female, he nose is smaller and narrower, and for those seeking softening of their facial features, a reduction rhinoplasty is essential

Cheek Augmentation

High cheek bones makes the face more attractive, and as such, the cheek bones are contoured to make them more pleasing in appearance. This can be achieved via a series of techniques that include the use of cheek implants or fat grafting

Lip Lift and Augmentation

A long upper lip makes the face appear older. As such, in those seeking to make their faces more feminine and youthful, a lip lifting procedure is considered. The lip can be made more plump by injecting either fat or a filler

Chin and Jawline Reshaping

By using a variety of plastic surgery techniques, the chin can be made narrower and less masculine. The chin in the male generally has a square appearance, and by using various chin surgery techniques, this appearance can be altered into a more feminine shape. The jawline can also be altered, making in narrower and better defined

Shaving of the Adam’s Apple (Chondrolaryngoplasty)

In the male, the Adam’s Apple is usually prominent. Through an incision in the neck, the excess cartilage around he thyroid cartilage can be shaved down, making it less prominent. Care is also taken not to reduce the tension on the vocal cords, as this could alter the tone of the voice.

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