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Ivo Gwanmesia - Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon in London

In this video, Mr Ivo Gwanmesia talks about his experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon. Since graduating from Manchester University Medical School and completing his plastic surgery training, Mr Gwanmesia has worked in several leading clinical institutions, including Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic in the United States as an aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon. Mr Gwanmesia knows every patient’s concern is unique, which is why he and his team of highly trained experts always strive to give the patients the best plastic surgery experience and results possible that will make them look and feel good about themselves.

BMA Presentation in Full

In this 40-minute video, Mr Ivo Gwanmesia presents on aesthetic surgery at the BMA House, Wednesday, October 20, 2017. During the presentation, he covers essential topics such as knowing how to choose the right plastic surgeon, and making sure he or she is accredited to work as a plastic surgeon in the United Kingdom. Mr Gwanmesia talks about his work and experience with previous patients who have undergone plastic surgery. Some of these procedures include breast augmentation, eyebrow lift, and gynaecomastia surgery.