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The buttocks play an essential role in creating attractive and feminine curves in women. Women who want larger, more shapely buttocks often find that exercise does little to provide them with the butt they desire. Butt augmentation procedures can enhance your profile to help you gain a full, curvy backside. Mr Gwanmesia offers two butt augmentation options, the Brazilian Butt (Bum) Lift and butt implants, to achieve an appealing derrière that complements any figure.

Benefits of Butt Augmentation

The Brazilian Bum Lift is ideal for women who struggle with unwanted fat deposits on other areas of their bodies. The overall body contouring that it achieves with liposuction is an added benefit that has thousands of women choosing the BBL procedure. Liposuction creates attractive, slender definition, and the removed fat is used to improve the contours of your backside.
Butt implants are an excellent option for women who do not have enough excess fat on their body to undergo a Brazilian Bum Lift or for those who want more significant bum volume. Silicone implants can visibly enhance your buttocks and help you achieve the body profile and round derrière you desire.


Brazilian Butt Lift

  • BBL candidates should have good skin elasticity.
  • Smoking is prohibited for at least six weeks before and several months following your procedure.
  • Liposuction is used to harvest fat from common trouble areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back.
    • Mr Gwanmesia uses a gentle fat-removal technique to preserve the highest volume of fat cells possible.
  • The harvested fat cells are then purified to eliminate any unnecessary blood and oils.
    • This process also eliminates weak or broken down fat cells to ensure that only healthy cells are grafted.
  • A pump and custom-shaped cannulae are used to graft fat into the buttocks.

Butt Implants

  • Butt implants are made of cohesive silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Mr Gwanmesia will help choose your ideal implant size and shape based on your unique body contours and your desired buttocks size.
  • Butt implant surgery is an outpatient procedure performed with the patient under general anaesthesia.
  • A 5 cm incision is created in the superior part of the crease between the buttocks, which helps to mask any resulting scarring.
  • The implants are positioned between the gluteal muscles.
  • Incisions are then closed and dressed with bandages.
  • A drain is inserted to remove any excess fluid, which will be removed seven days after your surgery.


Age: 20 to 25 year old female

Description: Photos taken at 4 weeks post op

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

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Age: 21 to 25 year old female

Description: Photos taken at 6 weeks post op

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

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Age: 20 – 25 year old Female

Description: Photos taken 3 months post op

Procedure: Liposuction to abdomen and flanks with fat injection to buttocks

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*Results may vary from patient to patient. There is no guarantee of outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mr Gwanmesia performs the Brazilian Bum Lift with general anaesthesia to ensure his patients’ comfort and safety.
Butt implants are safe and created from silicone encased within a silicone shell. It is important to note that you should never receive loose silicone injections, as these can be dangerous to your health.
The nicotine in cigarettes can prevent transferred fat from developing a new blood supply. An adequate blood supply is essential for fat tissue survival. If you do smoke, you should quit for six weeks before and several months following your procedure.
The average patient will harvest between 2,000 cc and 2,500 cc of fat, which equates to about 1,000 cc of fat being injected into each buttock. We use the principles of expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL), which allow the tissues of the buttocks to expand and allow as much fat as possible to be grafted.
Butt implants provide permanent volume enhancement to your buttocks, although the butt tissues will continue to age with time. With the BBL procedure, the transferred fat cells that attach to the blood supply and survive after a few months are generally permanent as well.
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