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*Consultation fees are £200 and are payable upon booking of the consultation

All fees quoted below are inclusive of hospital fee, anaesthetist fee, surgeon fee and all follow up visits. Prices are valid as from July 1st 2019.


Lateral Brow Lift£3750
Endoscopic Brow Lift£4750
Open Brow Lift£5500
Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty (LA)£2950
Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty (GA)£3400
Upper & Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty (GA)£4250
Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty (GA)£3750
Rhinoplasty (ultrasonic)£6750
Revision Rhinoplasty (ultrasonic)£7500
Facelift & Lower Blepharoplasty£8500
Facelift, Lower & Upper Blepharoplasty£10,000
Otoplasty (ear pinning)£3500
Repair Unilateral Spilt Earlobe (LA)£550
Repair Bilateral Split Earlobe (LA)£750
Buccal Fat Removal (LA)£2200
Buccal Fat Removal (GA)£2750

Foreheadplasty                                                                                                                                  £4750

Anterior Hairline Lowering                                                                                                                 £3500


Face Implants

Chin Implants£3750
Orbital Rim Implants (x2)£4250
Cheek Implants (x2)£4250
Mandibular rim implants (x2)£6500
Customised facial implants – to be discussed during the consultation


Breast Augmentation£5750
Breast Reduction£6000
Correction of Congenital Breast Deformity (Tubular Breast)£6250
Mastopexy (Breast Uplift)£6500
Mastopexy with Breast Implants£7500
Correction of Gynecomastia (male breast) with liposuction only (local anesthesia)£3950
Correction of Gynecomastia (male breast) with liposuction and gland removal (local anesthesia)£4350
Removal of Breast Implants£3500
Removal and Replacement of Breast Implants£5875
Areolar Reductions£2750


Armlift (brachioplasty)£4750
Liposuction to 1 Area£3750
Liposuction to 2 Areas£4000
Liposuction to 3 Areas£4250
Liposuction to 4 Areas£4750
Liposuction to 5 Areas£5000
Vaser Liposuction to 1 Areas£4250
Vaser Liposuction to 2 Areas£4550
Vaser Liposuction to 3 Areas£4850
Vaser Liposuction to 4 Areas£5550
Vaser Liposuction to 5 Areas£6000
Fat Transfer to 1 Area£2950
Fat Transfer to 2 Areas£3500
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)£6250
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) with Liposuction£7500
Extended Abdominoplasty£6750
Mini Abdominoplasty£3590
Brazilian Butt Lift£7500
Buttock Implants£6500
Removal of Buttock Implants£3500
Thigh Lift£5750
Belt Lipectomy (Body Lift & Thigh Lift)£7500
Body Lift£6250

Genital Surgery


Non Surgical

Wrinkle-relaxing Injections (1 Area)£250
Wrinkle-relaxing Injections (2 Areas)£300
Wrinkle-relaxing Injections (3 Areas)£350
Wrinkle-relaxing Injections for excessive axillary sweating (hyperhidrosis)£450
Filler (1/2 ml)£350
Filler (1ml)£450


Mole Removal (LA)£750
Sebaceous Cyst Removal (LA)£1200
Sebaceous Cyst Removal (GA)£1450
Excision of mucosal bulge to lip/Lip Lesion£1500