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What to Do If You Have Capsular Contracture

Woman with breast pain touching chestOn rare occasions, women with breast implants may develop a condition called capsular contracture. This condition is a complication that can occur with breast implants, and it can only be corrected with surgery. With the proper understanding of capsular contracture, women can easily recognise it and undergo breast revision surgery to correct it and restore their breasts.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is an uncommon surgical complication that some women experience after breast augmentation. For all women who undergo breast augmentation, scar tissue forms around each implant. If the scar capsule begins to tighten and harden around the implant, it is known as capsular contracture. This condition can occur in one or both breasts. Some factors may slightly increase your risk of developing capsular contracture, such as choosing silicone implants or being prone to poor healing. It is thought that polyurethane-coated implants may reduce the risk of capsular contracture, but in general, capsular contracture occurs spontaneously and cannot be predicted.

How to Recognise Capsular Contracture

In mild cases of capsular contracture, you may not even realise you have it. However, as the case becomes more severe, it is easier to recognise. You may notice that your breast feels somewhat tight or hard. It may also feel uncomfortable, even painful, as well as strangely cold. Last of all, your breast may become distorted and constricted in appearance. If there is any suspicion, schedule a consultation with Mr Gwanmesia right away so he can confirm whether you have capsular contracture.

Breast Revision Surgery Can Correct Capsular Contracture

Because capsular contracture is an issue with the scar tissue, the necessary correction is breast revision surgery. During the procedure, Mr Gwanmesia will scrape away the scar tissue and remove it from the breast pocket so that it no longer squeezes the implant. He may also replace the implant with a new one. If desired, Mr Gwanmesia can exchange both implants for implants of a different size or type to improve the results. With breast revision, the pain, discomfort, tightness, and unnatural breast appearance caused by capsular contracture can be completely eliminated.

Breast revision can correct capsular contracture and a variety of other surgical complications that can occur after breast augmentation. If you need breast revision surgery, call 02074741300 or complete our online contact form to request your consultation with Mr Gwanmesia today.

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