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Top 5 Reasons for Breast Revision

While the majority of breast augmentation patients do not experience any complications following their operations, some women are forced to turn to breast revision surgery to correct any issues that might have presented. Whether unforeseeable complications did arise or your implants have reached their maximum lifespan (breast implants traditionally last for around 10 years), breast revision can return a positive aesthetic to augmentation patients. Although the techniques used for breast revision will vary depending on the nature of the complication, breast revision surgery generally involves the removal and then replacement of the breast implant. Below are several reasons why patients seek out breast revision surgery.

Silicone breast implant

1. Implant Rupture

A common reason for breast revision is implant rupture. This occurs when the silicone shell of the implant tears, thus leaking the internal contents of the implant into the body. The only way to correct a ruptured implant is by removing and replacing that implant. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify a ruptured silicone implant as the silicone gel initially maintains its structure. Often, ruptured implants are only diagnosed through an MRI. Although saline implants are not widely used, ruptured saline implants are much easier to identify because the size of the affected breast will be noticeably smaller. To repair an implant rupture, Mr. Gwanmesia must remove the implant from the affected breast, clean out any silicone gel that may have escaped, and then insert a new implant. A ruptured implant does not lead to health concerns; however, it is essential to see Mr. Gwanmesia immediately if you suspect that your implant has torn.

2. Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a rare but possible complication with breast implants. Any time a foreign object, such as an implant, is inserted into the body, scar tissue forms. Occasionally, this scar tissue begins to contract around the implant, squeezing and distorting it. Capsular contracture, unfortunately, brings with it pain and an unnatural breast appearance that can only be remedied through breast revision surgery. To alleviate this concern, Mr Gwanmesia removes the implant and the affected scar tissue before inserting a new implant. Although there is no way to ensure that capsular contracture will never occur, practicing routine breast massages may help to soften the scar tissue and lessen the chances of having capsular contracture.

3. Implant Malposition

In theory, breast implants should never stray from the created breast pocket. Unfortunately, implant malposition is a possible risk with augmentation. Implant malposition can occur from implants that were poorly placed in the initial augmentation surgery. Malposition can also occur if implants have shifted over time. To correct implant positioning, the implant can be relocated or removed and then replaced with a new, rounded implant.

4. Double Bubble

Double bubble deformity is an uncommon but possible complication with breast implants. Women who choose very large breast implants relative to the size of their bodies are at a higher risk of developing a double bubble. A double bubble means that the implant drops behind and beneath the inframammary crease (the natural fold beneath the breast). This creates an indentation toward the bottom of the breast. Breast revision can repair this condition by having the implant removed and replaced.

5. Dissatisfaction with Size or Shape

Often, breast revision is sought when a patient is unhappy with their initial implants. Whether the patient feels as though the implants they chose are too small and wish to increase their size, or they feel as though the implants overwhelm their body frame, breast revision can alter and adapt the size and shape of the original implant so you can achieve your desired appearance.

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