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Top 5 Benefits of Getting Facelift Surgery in the Context of Facial Rejuvenation and Boosting Self-confidence

Top 5 Benefits of Getting Facelift Surgery in the Context of Facial Rejuvenation and Boosting Self-confidence

“Getting facelift surgery is an aesthetic & long-lasting solution to your facial ageing, which is tried & tested, and Dr. Ivo’s abilities in performing the procedure with the utmost care help you enjoy a younger appearance for over a decade!”

  • There is no age bar for facelift procedures, and it most often works best for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.
  • Do you know that a facelift is the most sought-after cosmetic surgical procedure in the UK and plays a significant role in diminishing unsightly deep creases (smile lines) and improving the overall harmony and balance of the face?
  • Do you know that a facelift can turn the clock back, as it addresses age-related facial sagging, wrinkles, deep lines, fine lines, and age spots?
  • Do you know facelifts can be a valuable investment for those looking to rejuvenate their appearance with long-lasting effects with very little unwanted side effects?

What is a Facelift?

Facelift surgery, medically known as Rhytidectomy, is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure in Central London recommended for those looking for a long-lasting solution to static signs of ageing.

With the passage of time, it is natural to develop facial ageing, which can be noticed as saggy, droopy skin, deep wrinkles, jowls, fine lines, age spots, or skin damage from sun exposure. And all these signs of facial ageing can cause compromised facial harmony and requires cosmetic treatments to achieve an unblemished aesthetic, youthful facial appearance.

Facelift surgery is a medically approved procedure for ageing faces that must be performed only with a certified plastic surgeon with ample experience and can perform all facelift procedures to the highest standard.

In this blog, Dr. Ivo Gwanmesia, MBChB, MRCS, FRCS, a British and American board-certified, renowned, celebrity craniofacial plastic surgeon in the UK, dives into the question of why you should opt for surgical facelift procedures in the context of facial rejuvenation and boosting self-confidence.

Facelift and Wrinkles

Wrinkles are of two types; the first is dynamic, and the second one is static. A dynamic wrinkle can appear at any age, and even kids can develop it during the movement of facial muscles when crying or laughing. Dynamic wrinkles are temporary and become more prominent when you get upset, cry, or have a particularly stressful day. When a person develops dynamic wrinkles in their 20s or 30s, non-surgical facial rejuvenation options, such as Botox or fillers, are potential solutions. On the other hand, static wrinkles are corrected by surgical facelifting procedures that involve removing excess skin and tightening the underlying muscles.


Static wrinkles include the following ageing signs that surgical facelift procedures can correct:

  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines or laugh lines)
  • Marionette lines (deep lines from the edges of your mouth down to your jawline)
  • Tear trough lines under the inside corner of your eye
  • Lateral cheek lines (lines on your cheek that occur behind “smile lines”)
  • Lines across the neck.

Note: Static wrinkles are tough to treat non-surgically because they are deep and formed over long periods. However, surgical methods opt to address the unwanted, unsightly deep lines or creases.

Dr. Ivo has created a facelift technique that achieves the best unmatched, natural-looking results. If you would like to learn more about the procedure, we recommend visiting the facelift procedure page of our website.

Dr. Ivo Gwanmesia will explore all the benefits of facelift surgery with regards to achieving a younger-looking appearance and boosting self-confidence.


  1. Tighten Up Sagging Skin.

A loose skin envelope or sagging skin can be a tell-tale sign of ageing that is impossible to correct with anti-ageing creams, facial spa procedures, and non-surgical rejuvenation options. However, a specific surgical facelift technique is recommended if you are suitable for surgery with regards to your general medical status, anatomy, lifestyle, and desired realistic goals. Dr. Ivo performs facelift surgery to the highest standards. During the procedure, he will tighten the deep neck and facial muscles allowing for the removal of saggy skin without pulling the skin tightly, thereby avoiding tension on the incision line. As a result, you achieve a smoother, youthful appearance without a tight or pulled look.


  1. Facelift surgery Addresses Deep Creases.

Facelift surgeries are arguably the best way to address unsightly deep creases on the face. These appear as static wrinkles, and can be a source of anxiety for some patients. Many of our Central London patients have such fantastic results after their facelifts, and undoubtedly, we can say with certainty that facelifts do   reverse ageing or turn the clock back. Most patients tell us they look 10 to 15 years younger after the procedure.


  1. Facelifts Tighten Your Neck, Face, and Jaw All at Once and Improves Self-confidence.

Several problem areas can make you look older, and with age, every sign of ageing gets prominent and can cause low self-esteem or make you feel more self-conscious in public. However, facelift surgery can help restore your self-confidence and achieve your desired goals. A facelift should be the right decision if you have more than one problem area and your concerns include marionette lines (deep lines from the edges of your mouth down to your jawline), tear trough lines under the inside corner of your eye, lateral cheek lines, and lines across the neck. Facelift surgery helps address ageing concerns significantly, as the procedure simultaneously tightens your face, jaw, and neck.


  1. A Facelift helps address your Double Chin.

One of the most noticeable signs of ageing that can cause low self-confidence is a double chin problem. The problem of excess saggy skin and submental fat deposits below your chin can cause compromised facial harmony and reduces your self-esteem. A double chin problem may occur due to weight gain. Other causes may be genetically linked as well as looser skin resulting from ageing. Therefore, a lower facelift with a neck lift might be what you need to eliminate your double chin. However, a facelift combined with a neck lift perfectly addresses the concerns of a double chin and helps neck rejuvenation at the same time. This combined procedure also corrects the jowl area.


  1. A Facelift Will Boost Your Self-Confidence.

Getting sagging skin and unwanted wrinkles and fine lines on your face are common with increased age, as it is a part of the biological ageing process. We cannot stop ageing. Fortunately, this can be reversed with approved cosmetic surgical options, as your board-certified plastic surgeon recommends. The presence of the signs of ageing on your face might leave you with low self-confidence in public because no one wants to look older, which is a fact. However, facelift surgical procedures are common among those seeking a long-lasting solution to their ageing face concerns. Undergoing facelift surgery might be a life-changing decision for you because it improves your youthful facial appearance. As a result, you will feel more confident in public or with friends.

Contact Dr. Ivo Gwanmesia About getting a facelift and adjunctive procedures

If you want to undergo facelift surgery, you need to attend an introductory consultation with our double board-certified plastic surgeon so that he can evaluate your face and recommend the appropriate procedure(s). During the consultation, your concerns as well as desired goals will be discussed in detail. Treatment types, options, procedure cost, recovery as well as complications will also be discussed in detail. In addition, getting a facelift may redefine your overall look, as the procedure targets all the areas from the head to the neck that show ageing.

As far as cost is concerned, the average cost of facelift surgery in central London, UK, ranges between £7,000 to £30,000. But, this figure of the cost may vary from one patient to another, as several factors may influence the cost, such as surgeon’s fees, initial consultation charges, anaesthetist’s fee, facility cost, and the charges of additional adjunctive procedures, if any, i.e., eyelid surgery, brow lift.

One must note that facelift surgery is a highly individualized procedure, and the exact cost in your case can only be decided after your one-on-one consultation.

Dr. Ivo has an office at 10 Harley Street in Central London and operates at the Harley Health Village and the Welbeck Hospital. If you have any questions about a facelift or other associated procedures, please get in touch with him. He will be more than happy to address your concerns and provide potential solutions.

Contact Dr. Ivo Gwanmesia to schedule your appointment at Tel: 0207 474 1300 or complete our online appointment form.








Dr Ivo Gwanmesia

Dr Ivo Gwanmesia is one of Harley Street’s most experienced and renowned craniofacial plastic surgeons. With over a decade of professional experience, he has transformed the lives of countless patients from all over the UK & abroad.

Due to his vast and hands-on training in the UK and the US, Dr Ivo now specialises in more than a dozen different aesthetic, craniofacial and transgender procedures. Some of them include face, neck, and brow lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasty, breast reduction & breast uplift as well as facial feminisation surgery, to name a few.

Dr Gwanmesia has also conducted pioneering research, which led to the development of a new technique for the reconstruction of the middle vault of the nose, known as the ‘Fulcrum Spreader Graft’. He was also part of a study comparing the efficacy of the Sheen Spreader Graft and the Fulcrum Spreader Graft. The study has since been published on PubMed and the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.