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Facelift After Weight Loss: Things to Know

Facelift After Weight Loss

After achieving your hard-earned weight loss goals, there can be several persisting problems that need to be addressed, and one of these is dreaded loose skin.

Despite our best efforts in the gym and kitchen to shed the excess weight, there’s no amount of dieting or exercise that will allow your skin to simply just “snap” back into place. This is especially true if you were overweight for a long time, and especially true if you lost the weight in a short period of time (for example, via a gastric sleeve). However, from facelifts to tummy tucks, there are many surgical procedures that can turn the clock back on our skin – even after extreme weight loss.

So, is a facelift the best way to fix loose skin after weight loss, and what other procedures are best suited to help you get your skin back in shape? Let’s take a look.


Why Do I Have Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Loose skin after weight loss is a normal response to the decrease in fat padding that previously supported the skin’s structure: during weight loss, skin stretches, and can sometimes completely lose its elasticity, making it unable to revert back to its pre-weight-gain size.

This means that you may notice facial sagging after weight loss, and particularly noticeable changes may occur around the eyes after weight loss: the loss of fatty tissue can lead to a hollow or sunken appearance, which can make you look older than your years.

Neck sagging

Neck sagging after weight loss is another common concern, as the loss of weight can lead to loose skin on the neck, resulting in a ‘turkey neck’ appearance. This can occur even with healthy weight loss and doesn’t necessarily indicate any health issues. However, it can understandably cause distress and impact self-esteem.


Should I Get a Facelift After Massive Weight Loss?

When you have undergone a significant weight loss, it’s not uncommon to experience changes in your physical appearance, including your facial structure: it’s an undeniable fact that substantial weight loss can often lead to facial sagging and loose skin on the neck, caused by the skin having stretched during initial weight gain. This occurrence can be disconcerting and may make you wonder if a “weight loss facelift” could be the right solution for you.

To determine whether a facelift after weight loss would be beneficial, it’s essential to consider multiple factors: these include the elasticity of your skin, your overall health, your personal comfort, and of course, your aesthetic goals. A consultation with an award-winning facelift surgeon in London, like Dr. Ivo Gwanmesia, would provide a personalised assessment and advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

A weight loss facelift can be a transformative procedure – however, it’s important to remember that any surgical procedure has potential risks and requires careful consideration.


Benefits of Facelift After Weight Loss

Improved Self-Confidence

One of the most significant benefits of a weight loss facelift is the boost it can provide to your self-esteem. By addressing the facial sagging and loose skin on the neck that can result from weight loss, a facelift can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance.

Enhanced Facial Contours

A weight loss facelift can help to restore definition to your facial features, particularly around the eyes and neck. This can result in a more youthful and vibrant look, aligning your facial appearance with the healthier and fitter body that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike some non-surgical skin tightening treatments, a facelift can offer long-lasting results. This means that once you’ve healed from the procedure, you can expect the improvements to your facial appearance to last for many years, making it a potentially worthwhile investment in your appearance and confidence.


Surgical Treatments After Weight Loss: Your Options

Aside from a facelift, there are many other skin-tightening surgery options that you can opt for:

Arm Lift

Commonly known as an arm lift, brachioplasty surgery improves the contours of the upper arms by removing excess fat and skin. The skin on the arms is tightened to create a more youthful and toned appearance. Arm lift surgery can help you fit better in your clothing and feel more confident about your overall look. This procedure offers lasting results so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The recovery time for an arm lift can last anywhere from three to six weeks.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is often necessary for patients who have lost a large amount of weight. A breast lift will correct sagging that has resulted from weight fluctuations. There are many breast lift techniques that Mr Gwanmesia offers, but they all aim to improve the breast position and firmness and restore a youthful appearance. Breast lift surgery is a procedure that will require maintenance surgeries, so you should discuss this with your surgeon during your consultation. Recovery times can last for four weeks or more depending on individual factors.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a great way to gain a more youthful appearance after losing weight. Neck lift surgery reduces the prevalence of folds and tightens the neck skin. You can even benefit from an improved jawline with a successful neck lift. A neck lift can be combined with other surgeries, such as a facelift, for maximum rejuvenation.


Getting Your Ideal Look

If you are considering the use of cosmetic surgery to enhance your body after weight loss, then there are a few things to consider. First of all, plan on taking some time off to recover. In most cases, the surgeries mentioned involve the removal of excess tissue, sutures and the need to heal. Secondly, make sure to schedule a consultation with Mr Gwanmesia so that you can thoroughly plan your cosmetic surgery treatment. Lastly, get ready to enjoy a glorious new body that you will be proud to show off.

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Dr Ivo Gwanmesia

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Due to his vast and hands-on training in the UK and the US, Dr Ivo now specialises in more than a dozen different aesthetic, craniofacial and transgender procedures. Some of them include face, neck, and brow lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasty, breast reduction & breast uplift as well as facial feminisation surgery, to name a few.

Dr Gwanmesia has also conducted pioneering research, which led to the development of a new technique for the reconstruction of the middle vault of the nose, known as the ‘Fulcrum Spreader Graft’. He was also part of a study comparing the efficacy of the Sheen Spreader Graft and the Fulcrum Spreader Graft. The study has since been published on PubMed and the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.