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Advantages of Facial Injectables

facial-injectablesOf all anti-ageing treatments, facial injectables such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® may have the greatest advantages for patients. Individuals who are interested in rejuvenating their appearances can experience multiple advantages by choosing facial injectables over other treatments.


Facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, and other anti-ageing surgeries can produce outstanding results. However, these procedures require anaesthesia, incisions that lead to surgical scars, and a lengthy recovery period. As non-surgical treatments, facial injectables can yield excellent results without any scars, recovery, or other downsides associated with surgery.

No Downtime

Most plastic surgery procedures are out of necessity followed by a period of downtime or recovery. Facial injectables, on the other hand, have no downtime. After a quick treatment session, you will be able to immediately return to the activity of your choice, even working at the office.

Subtle Results

One risk of surgery is, due to extensive correction, the dramatic results may not be quite what you expected. If you are unhappy with your results, it may be difficult to correct them once certain surgical changes have been made. This dissatisfaction can usually be avoided by selecting a skilled plastic surgeon in the first place, but some patients are not able to find a surgeon with whom they can establish a good rapport. With facial injectables, there is little risk associated with the results. The doctor can begin with minimal injections to produce initially subtle results, and then the amount or location of the product can be adjusted until the treatment achieves your desired results.

Temporary and Adjustable Results

While surgical results are permanent, results from treatment with facial injectables are temporary and therefore adjustable. If you are unhappy with your appearance after treatment, all you need to do is wait several months for the results to fade away, at which point you can begin a new treatment that is better for your needs. This is especially beneficial for patients whose preferences regarding their appearance are continually shifting.


With the many expenses required for surgery, facial injectables can seem even more appealing. This form of treatment is much more affordable and can still produce excellent quality results even without the hefty price.

Treatment Is Customisable

Finally, treatment with facial injectables can be designed specifically to meet your needs. Your medical professional will determine which injectable or which combination of injectables is best for you based on your desires and your anatomy. Many patients will be able to achieve their aesthetic goals with a combination of facial injectables used in varying amounts and locations.
Facial injectables offer significant advantages over many other anti-ageing treatments. To learn more about the types of products and how we can help you, request your personal consultation with Mr Gwanmesia. Call 02074741300 or complete our online contact form to contact us today.

Dr Ivo Gwanmesia

Dr Ivo Gwanmesia is one of Harley Street’s most experienced and renowned craniofacial plastic surgeons. With over a decade of professional experience, he has transformed the lives of countless patients from all over the UK & abroad.

Due to his vast and hands-on training in the UK and the US, Dr Ivo now specialises in more than a dozen different aesthetic, craniofacial and transgender procedures. Some of them include face, neck, and brow lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasty, breast reduction & breast uplift as well as facial feminisation surgery, to name a few.

Dr Gwanmesia has also conducted pioneering research, which led to the development of a new technique for the reconstruction of the middle vault of the nose, known as the ‘Fulcrum Spreader Graft’. He was also part of a study comparing the efficacy of the Sheen Spreader Graft and the Fulcrum Spreader Graft. The study has since been published on PubMed and the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.