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A Guide to Gynaecomastia: How to Remove Male Breasts

Men undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance is slowly on the rise. More men are turning to procedures aimed at helping them look younger and trimmer while retaining a classic, masculine look.

Developing enlarged breasts is entirely opposite and, unfortunately, can have a particularly devastating effect on men both young and old. Men with male breasts may find themselves feeling embarrassed or ashamed enough that it starts to affect their self-image and self-esteem.

Mr Gwanmesia offers men gynaecomastia surgery, which reduces male breast tissue to give men the sculpted, masculine chest they desire.

What Is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a medical term to refer to the swelling or enlargement of the breasts in males. One breast or both may be affected by the condition. Pain and tenderness in the breasts may also occur as a result.

There are several factors that affect why some boys and men develop enlarged breasts, but the primary cause centers around hormones—in particular, estrogen. Imbalances in estrogen levels cause other hormones to decrease, which in turn causes the breast tissue to expand.

Sometimes, these imbalances may be caused by a medication, drug or other supplements. Other times, it could be another medical condition or simply the effects of age.


Age: 30 – 35 year old male
Photos taken 1 month post op
Procedure: Correction of gynaecomastia
* Results may vary from patient to patient.

How Does Gynaecomastia Affect Men?

Gynaecomastia is quite common and may happen to men or boys from all walks of life. Newborn infants sometimes deal with mild gynaecomastia from lingering estrogen after birth, which goes away a few weeks later.

Sometimes, teenage boys going through puberty find that they temporarily develop the dreaded man boobs—caused again by hormonal imbalances. These changes may last a bit longer but still typically go away on their own as men grow into adults. By the time men hit their late 50s and 60s, the chance of developing gynaecomastia rises. Nearly 30 percent of men in this age group may be affected, according to studies.

Regardless of the cause, gynaecomastia is typically embarrassing to those affected, which can have a drastic effect on men’s confidence. Men may feel as though it’s simply not “manly” to have enlarged, swollen breasts, causing them to feel ashamed and embarrassed when they do.

Gynaecomastia, by itself, is not harmful, but the effects it can have on the way men see themselves can be dire. Some men may start to shield their bodies out of shame or feel as if they can’t appear in public that way, potentially causing further isolation.

What Is Male Breast Reduction?

Fortunately for men affected by gynaecomastia, cosmetic surgery can help alleviate and correct the appearance of breasts to get the desired masculine contour.

Male breast reduction surgery uses a combination of liposuction and surgery to remove the extra breast tissue. It is performed on an outpatient basis and uses general anaesthesia to keep patients comfortable.

Mr Gwanmesia makes small incisions underneath the breasts to perform liposuction that will remove excess fat. Incisions are also made along the areola to surgically remove more breast tissue. In some cases, extra skin may need to be removed to fully restore chest contours.


Age: 25 – 30 year old male
Photos taken 3 months post op
Procedure(s): Correction of gynaecomastia by liposuction and liposuction to abdomen and flanks
* Results may vary from patient to patient.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery and Results

Generally, male breast reduction recovery will take a few weeks. Patients will experience minor side effects, such as swelling and bruising, but that should start to fade away within the first week.

Mr Gwanmesia will provide a chest compression garment to ensure healing goes as smoothly as possible. Strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks. Typically, scarring is minimal and easily concealed beneath creases or along the areola.

Results from male breast reduction surgery are meant to be long lasting. For men who’ve struggled with enlarged breasts, male breast reduction restores their masculine contours, giving their self-image the boost of confidence it needs.


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