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Mr Ivo Gwanmesia, FRCS - Talks About Facial Implants

In this video, Mr Ivo Gwanmesia talks about facial implants and how popular they are among many patients who wish to improve their facial appearance. Facial implants are known to enhance and harmonize the appearance of a patient’s overall facial structure. He talks about the different incisions made along the treated area, potential risks and side effects that may occur with facial implant surgery, and the different types of facial implants he offers. These implants include orbital rim implants, malar implants, submalar implants, mandibular implants, and chin implants.

Mr Ivo Gwanmesia, FRCS - Talks About Neck Lifts

In this video, Mr Ivo Gwanmesia talks about neck lift surgery. Neck lift surgery is known to improve the overall appearance of a patient’s jawline and neck by eliminating excess skin and fat around the treated area. Ideal candidates for this procedure are usually those in their late 50s and 60s. He discusses the different types of incisions and techniques that are performed for neck lift surgery as well as the instructions regarding the recovery period. Mr Gwanmesia explains how neck lift surgery can be combined with facelift surgery to help patients achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Mr Ivo Gwanmesia, FRCS - Talks About Facial Feminization Surgery

In this video, Mr Ivo Gwanmesia discusses facial feminization surgery and the type of patients who seek this procedure. This surgery requires a series of invasive surgical procedures and non-invasive cosmetic treatments that are designed to transform and feminize a trans woman’s face. Most patients interested in facial feminization surgery have had a sex change from male to female. Mr Gwanmesia talks about the different facial characteristics of a man and woman and how he can transform the face during facial feminization surgery.

Mr Ivo Gwanmesia, FRCS - Talks About Genioplasty

In this video, Mr Ivo Gwanmesia talks about genioplasty, or chin surgery, and how it provides the highest rate of satisfaction for enhancing a person’s facial appearance. This procedure is commonly performed on those who have a small jawline and wish to use genioplasty or chin surgery to reshape the chin. He discusses how the entire genioplasty process takes place. This process includes a consultation that will provide patients with a 3D image and simulation of what their final outcome may look like. He talks about how genioplasty is performed, its risks and side effects, and the recovery time.