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The location of your incisions for breast augmentation (Enlargement) surgery can impact the type of implants used for your procedure and may affect the final look of your breast augmentation (Enlargement). You will work closely with Mr Gwanmesia to determine which incision type works best for you.

Factors That Impact Incision Location

  • Type of implant placed
  • Size of implant placed
  • Areola appearance
  • Feelings on scar visibility

Incision Options

You will discuss the factors that impact your incision options with Mr Gwanmesia. After evaluating your physical characteristics and discussing your aesthetic desires with you, Mr Gwanmesia will make a recommendation as to which incision will be best for your procedure.

  • Inframammary is Mr Gwanmesia’s preferred incision location. The incision is created along the crease below the breast (inframammary fold).
    • Implant options – saline, silicone, gummy bear
    • Scar visibility – minor scar formation following the procedure, which is inconspicuous below the breasts and is likely to fade over time
    • Impairment of breast functionality – little, due to the implant being placed below the nerve structures of the breasts
  • Periareolar is a popular technique, especially for patients who require areola resizing or repositioning. The incision is created around the outer border of the areola.
    • Implant options – saline, smaller silicone
    • Scar visibility – mild scar visibility, which usually blends naturally with the areola
      Impairment of breast functionality – possible, due to potential damage to the nerves during implant placement
  • Transaxillary is a technique used less often. The incision is created in the armpit, and the implant is placed using an endoscope.
    • Implant options – saline
    • Scar visibility – no scarring on the breasts; small scar within the crease of the underarm
      Impairment of breast functionality – minimal
  • Transumbilical is rarely used, where the incision is created within the navel and the implant is placed using an endoscope.
    • Implant options – saline
    • Scar visibility – none
    • Impairment of breast functionality – minimal

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