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Revitalize Your Appearance With Brow Lift Surgery

Sometimes it’s truly the little things that matter the most. Many people are surprised by how much a little change here or there can transform the appearance. This is especially true in plastic surgery, where small enhancements in little-seen areas of the face and body can create a look that is beautiful and natural.

The eyebrows are one of those features that, while always in plain view, are easy to ignore—unless they begin to harm the appearance. Age takes its toll on the brow area, causing deep creases along the forehead, wrinkles between the eyes and a drooping appearance.

All of these can lead to an aged or tired appearance, sometimes even in patients who are still relatively young. Patients with such conditions can greatly benefit from brow lift surgery, which helps lift and tighten muscles for an overall smoother, younger look.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also referred to as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens the facial muscles along the forehead and eyebrow areas. This procedure helps reduce sagging, gets rid of deep furrows and lines and generally refreshes the area for a more youthful look.

Patient 55-60 years old female before and after brow lift surgery procedure

Age: 55 – 60 year old female
Photos taken 2 months post op
Procedure: Endoscopic browlift, facelift
* Results may vary from patient to patient.

How It’s Done

Brow lift surgery is usually performed by using small incisions along or within the hairline to separate the surface tissues from the underlying muscles. The brow, eyebrow and forehead muscles and repositioned and tightened to their desired contour, taking care to ensure a natural shape.

Mr Gwanmesia performs brow lift surgery using two different techniques, the classic brow lift and the endoscopic brow lift, to offer patients beautiful results.

Classic Brow Lift: This method uses incisions along or within the hairline to adjust the brow, eyebrow and forehead muscles. Excess skin and fat are also removed.

Endoscopic Brow Lift: This method uses an endoscope, or tiny tube with a camera attached, to reposition facial muscles without disturbing superficial tissues. Mr Gwanmesia uses minimal incisions hidden in the hairline, which causes less scarring. This method tightens muscles but is less effective at removing excess skin.

Brow lift surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Mr Gwanmesia will administer anaesthesia before surgery to keep patients comfortable and pain-free. There will be swelling and discomfort, especially during the first few days.

A full recovery from brow lift surgery can take a few weeks, but most patients can return to work within a week after surgery. Pain medication and comfort measures like cold compresses can help manage the worst of the symptoms. Mr Gwanmesia will be sure to provide instructions to patients to help them through the healing process.


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Am I a Candidate for Brow Lift Surgery?

Mr Gwanmesia performs brow lift surgery to patients looking to rejuvenate the appearance of their forehead and brow area. These patients often have issues such as sagging or droopy forehead tissue that leads to a droopy brow and a prematurely aged look.

Patients also seek a brow lift to refresh the appearance of deep creases across the forehead and wrinkles between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. These lines can greatly age the appearance, and a brow lift can help smooth those lines out and rejuvenate the skin.

atient 56-60 years old female before and after Endoscopic brow lift surgery procedure

Age: 56 to 60 year old lady
Photos taken at 3 months post op
Procedure: Endoscopic browlift
* Results may vary from patient to patient.

What Can Brow Lift Surgery Do for Me?

The brow area can greatly affect how the rest of your face—and in particular, your facial expressions—appear. As we age, the tissues and muscles along the area begin to loosen, sag and droop downwards. A forehead with deep creases and lines between the eyes can cause people to think you’re older than you really are. In the worst cases, a deeply sagging brow can even start to affect vision.

This facial distortion can also cause us to give off an impression we don’t mean to. A heavily furrowed brow can make it seem like a person is always tired, worried or even angry.

Brow lift surgery corrects these issues and brightens up the entire brow and eye area, creating small changes throughout the face that have a significant impact on an overall appearance.


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Dr Ivo Gwanmesia

Dr Ivo Gwanmesia is one of Harley Street’s most experienced and renowned craniofacial plastic surgeons. With over a decade of professional experience, he has transformed the lives of countless patients from all over the UK & abroad.

Due to his vast and hands-on training in the UK and the US, Dr Ivo now specialises in more than a dozen different aesthetic, craniofacial and transgender procedures. Some of them include face, neck, and brow lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasty, breast reduction & breast uplift as well as facial feminisation surgery, to name a few.

Dr Gwanmesia has also conducted pioneering research, which led to the development of a new technique for the reconstruction of the middle vault of the nose, known as the ‘Fulcrum Spreader Graft’. He was also part of a study comparing the efficacy of the Sheen Spreader Graft and the Fulcrum Spreader Graft. The study has since been published on PubMed and the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.